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Think Comfort. Think Clean Air. Think Energy Smart.

Fantech has been a leader in the air movement/ventilation industry since 1981. Fantech offers code compliant whole house ventilation solutions.

Fantech products are energy-smart and simple to understand, install, use and maintain. Fantech's new products are certified by AMCA, UL and CSA, and always guided by the notion of simply better™.

Featured Products

HERO SERIES Fresh Air Appliances (HRV/ERV Solution)

HERO fresh air appliance provides a controlled way of ventilating a home. 

It works continuously to supply up to 265 cfm of fresh, filtered air into the building while removing the equal amount of moist, stale air.

It's completely re-engineered HRV delivers a minimum of 80% energy transfer of sensible recovery efficiency (SRE).