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Residential & Light Commercial Technologies

LG Air Conditioning Technologies offers efficient and innovative solutions for residential and light commercial heating and cooling needs. 

With an expansive offering of both ducted and duct-free options including: the exclusive picture frame Art Cool™ Gallery, the superior heating performance of LGRED° and the industry’s first single-phase 5-ton VRF heat recovery unit, LG delivers on the quality, performance and style that consumers expect.

Featured Products


Multi V™ S

Ranging from a 2 to 5-ton heat pump and 5-ton heat recovery models, Multi V™ S utilizes single-phase power so it can be used residentially as well as in a wide range of commercial applications, it also offers overall increased flexibility and provides excellent energy efficiency for property owners.

For additional adaptability, the Multi V™ S  units require little to no ductwork, resulting in smaller space requirements and allowing for higher ceilings, less structural impact and more usable square footage.


Night Quiet Operation

Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Industry’s ONLY single phase 5 ton Heat Recovery VRF system